How to use Southampton RA and Amazon Alexa

We want to make sure you can utilise the Alexa Skill to access all the Southampton RA content you want in a new way. This part of the website has been made to allow you to get to know our new friendly AI assistant and more importantly learn what it has to offer. As the skill becomes more developed so will this page of commands and functions.

Ensure that you have enabled the skill by saying
'Alexa, enable Southampton RA',
once you've said this you will be able to refer to Southampton RA as 'Southampton RA'

Command Activate What it does
News Wheel "Alexa, ask southampton r a what the news is" "Alexa, ask southampton r a for the latest update" "Alexa, tell southampton r a to tell me the latest update" Reads out the news on the news wheel
Calendar"Alexa, tell southampton r a to tell me what the calendar is looking like"
"Alexa, ask southampton r a what events are happening this month"
Reads out any events for the current month that are in the calendar

Any issues please get in touch with Andrew Misselbrook at