Respect Wars: A New Hope

Last year Southampton RA visited a local team at their training evening, as a result of a positive conversation after a game regards Dissent. The club was heading towards bigger & bigger disciplinary sanctions and it threatened their Chartered Club status. Over a pint, we discussed how best to converse with a Referee and what constituted poor form. Well, this weekend, we learnt that after that intervention, the team's disciplinary record for Dissent improved massively! So if any of you had remarks along the lines of "Oh Fiddlesticks" or "You Muddy Funster" or "Are You Sure About that one Ref?", You Are Welcome, all part of the service!

Published by Ade Knight on 10-04-2018

Southampton Referee Fitness Training Update Thursday 5th April 2018

Dear Colleagues Wide Lane is still under water, therefore our training session has been cancelled. However Steve has offered to organise a short run , meet up in the car park in Magpie Lane,Eastleigh. Be ready for a 6-00pm start! Also contact Steve direct if you want to participate, so he knows who will be attending. Fingers crossed we try again next week. Keep dry! Mike Misselbrook Steve Saunders

Published by Mike Misselbrook on 04-04-2018

Fleming Park Run

The light training run from the car park in Magpie Lane, Eastleigh, on Monday 9th April will go ahead as usual. Meet for a 6.00 pm start!

Published by John Bungay on 14-03-2018